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Emeibaby review

We look at the Emeibaby Buckled Carrier

Founded in 2008, Emeibaby really gives a half way option between using woven wraps and soft structured carriers (sometimes called buckles). Created by mum of two Daniela, who wanted a buckled carrier that she could make smaller for her new born, but would also last the test of time. Emeibaby’s are only available through carefully chosen babywearing sites, midwives and sling consultants. The UK distributor is EcoRoo’s with prices around £119 depending on design, please see the website address later in this blog.

I have been using the Baby carrier with my 21 month old, after some adjusting the Knee to Knee positioning was perfect even for my toddler. The fabric was beautifully soft from the moment I got it out of the box and the fabric choices really do mirror that of a Woven Wrap in design and quality. The waste strap/support is beautifully shaped, padded and very supportive. The carrier offers shoulder adjustment at the top and bottom of the shoulder straps but does not disconnect from the main panel so crossed straps would not be an option.

The instructions that came with the carrier were good but not necessarily easy to understand as the adjustment is so unique to this carrier I think it is much easier to understand watching a video clip or having help from a consultant, I think it may be just my personal preference that I just like lots of visual instruction. That said, the instructions are very thorough and are also in a huge number of languages. My Daughter was very comfortable being carried in this carrier, happily taking in the world as we walk around. The first time I used it she did lose her seat, but with further practice I am now able to ensure it is positioned well. We had the baby sized Emei which reaches Knee to knee with ease but she will not be far away from needing a longer panel to reach her shoulders, but this is not an issue for us as she has full upper body control and when she falls asleep there is a fantastic hood that simply attaches on with poppers to offer her the additional support she needed.

If you were looking to carry a smaller child in this carrier, it really does adjust to fit a very small baby. That is the brilliance in this carrier it really does adjust perfectly to your child with no need for inserts, accessory straps or extenders.

The quality of the carrier is fantastic, I felt confident and secure when using it. The carriers are readily available within the UK and have an enormous choice of fabric and designs. The carrier comes in a beautiful box, I know this doesn’t affect use but it does add to a carrier when it is presented beautifully.

Emeibaby is a refreshing take on buckled carriers with its unique ability to really grow with your child. As a wrap lover, the Emeibaby really appeals to me as it feels so similar to using a woven wrap. This is perfect for the family who want a carrier that will grow with their children and always offer optimal positioning.

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