Created by Mountain Buggy, who are known for their robust buggies and prams, Juno has been launched as a new brand of its own. Juno has been created to enable families to experience the world without the restraints of a pram. The Juno can be purchased from selected John Lewis stores, Mother care as well as on line with the retail point of £139 (this includes the Infant insert).

I have been using this carrier with my 22 Month old as this carrier is said to be suitable for children up to 48 Months. With some minor adjustment to the poppers I was able to extend the seat further than the instructions show, but it was only just wide enough to get knee to knee support for my daughter. Of course Knee to knee is less important with older children but if you want to maintain Knee to Knee this would not be a carrier for children over 12-18 month clothes (approximately). Unlike most carriers the inside of the carrier is stretchy so I was able to offer some expansion in that way too.

The carrier offers a padded buckled waist, padded buckled and shaped shoulder straps and complimenting fabric. The fabric of the carrier continues into the straps rather than having the more commonly seen Webbing belts. This adds to the aesthetics of the carrier but could potentially lead to twists eventually. The carrier has many adjustment points for the carrier to ensure that is fits them well. The shoulders are shaped making a crossed strap not as easy but in no way impossible as it does offer buckles at the end of the shoulder padding. The Juno is a versatile carrier that can offer a multitude of carrying options. Juno has a number of accessories and unfortunately one of these is a “cool pack” this would not be an appropriate item to use in this country especially and I feel it would be possible to miss use this add on.

The carrier offers many unique attributes, one of them is the “chest strap” which has a unique fastening system using magnets. The magnets system was taken from a range of motor cycle helmets and are extremely strong, the magnetic aspect means an easier fastening behind your back which many people struggle with the conventional clips. The carrier also offers a “cuddle Pocket” this enables the carrier to slide their hands into the carrier for more of a cuddle with the child, something I myself really like. The carrier has seat adjustment so you are able to get a better fit for your growing child as well as the option for “world facing” positions.

As there is no adjustment in the height of the main panel there is an Infant insert that comes with the carrier rather than a charged addition. As with most inserts they are an extra layer around your child so awareness when dressing the child is important as the cushion cannot be removed from the torso support that is offered. The insert offers height adjustment and additional head support, the really unique part of their insert is that it can be extended and so will be amazing for taller children with low muscle tone and who need the additional support for longer.

My Daughter was very comfortable being carried in this carrier, even with the adjustment not being in the user manual it didn’t affect the carrier in use. The Instructions for the carrier are very easy to use and it is in essence a very simple carrier to pick up and just go. There are full instructions covering, Front carries, hip carry, back carry as well as world facing and available on line.

Juno is an easy use carrier offering families more options. I think it will be very popular for families with children who have children with low muscle tone as the insert offers longer support than other carriers. The adjustment is also fantastic, good seat adjustment is something that there is not enough of currently on the market and so it is nice to see Juno have included this.

These are purely my opinions and may be different for you.

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