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    Jenni Bean Sling Consultancy CIC (JBC)


    Jenni bean is a family focused team that ensures all decisions have family at the heart. The name Jenni Bean is after my own daughter Jenni, who's nickname is beani.


    I'm (Jodie) a fully trained and completed Slingababy and Je porte mon bebe consultant, i have also completed the NCT carrying training. My training looked at different carrying techniques, Anatomy and psychology, Positioning, Safety, premature or special needs babies and confidence building. I also continue my personal growth with continued professional development with them as often as possible to ensure that I maintain the most up to date techniques. I have also trained with Sophie Messanger, who is an inspiration in her holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester, also in Rebozo birthing techniques, carrying and massage,which is an ancient south american technique and its amazing benefits are becoming more widely recognised and used in western communities. I am also a member of the British Association of Babywearing Instructors (BABI) who work together to ensure the development of carrying nationally and internationally. I am also fully insured for both my consultation and library work.


    Using carriers is an ancient practice (dated 2 million years old) that was once passed down generation to generation, sometimes it can be referred to as "babywearing" which is a very new term that is sometimes used to describe using a carrier. There are still many cultures that continue to practice carrying across the world, all with different variations of wraps, carriers and carrying aids. All forms of carrying offer amazing benefits to both the individual carrying and to the child's physical and mental health. There isn't a 'one carrier fits all' approach, it is as individual to each person as a pair of shoes, while one person can confidently walk in 6" heels but will trip up in wellies where as another person may not be able to walk in heels but stands with confidence in wellies.


    Our aim is to provide the confidence and empowerment for anyone wanting to carry, this could be as simple as tweaking the carrier you already have or finding your perfect starting point. I work with families on both a 'one to one' basis in the comfort of their own home, as well as workshops and social meets. If the individual carrying is not completely comfortable or does not feel entirely confident in their abilities to carry, then there is a place for improvement.


    Trained and Completed

    Slingababy was founded in 2011 with the aim of empowering parents through the loving art of baby-carrying. Following years of training and hands-on experience with parents the Slingababy School was born and is able to offer a course that shares information on every sling type available as well as various teaching methods

    Je Porte mon BeBe

    Consultant Trained

    Je Porte mon bebe have invested a lot of time and money into the development of products and positioning to best support babies throughout their development.

    British Association of Babywearing Instructors

    We are a Member

    The British Association of Babywearing Instructors offers guidelines about safe babywearing.

    DSC Insurance

    We are covered

    DSC Cover a number of professionals working with parents and babies.

    Mindful Rebozo

    Trained by

    Sophie Messager- Antenatal and Postnatal Educator, Babywearing Instructor and Reiki Healer.

    NCT Babywearing Training

    National Childcare Trust

    We have been leaders in parenting education for generations. Every year our courses and workshops support thousands of new parents right across the UK.

  • We offer discounted pricing for low income families and reductions in couples bookings.

    . We also offer Gift Certificates for the Perfect present.

    We can tailor any of our workshops on request (price £5 - £15 PP)

    Mindfulness (Groups 5+) (length 1:00)

    We will look at the benefits of babywearing and mental health. This workshop will look at dealing with anxiety and strategies you can use in challenging situations

    Baby Handling (Groups 5+) (length 0:45)

    we look at the physiology of a newborn and how we can support the child to be most comfortable and respected at each stage of development.

    Introduction to babywearing workshop (groups of 5+) (length 1:30)

    I will cover the basics of what baby wearing is, it’s benefits to the parent & child, safety, positioning and demo one of each style carrier/ wrap

    Introduction to Stretchy wraps workshop (groups of 3-5) (length 1:30)

    I will cover the benefits of a stretchy wrap, safety, positioning, sizing and a detailed demo of how to wrap with a stretchy wrap

    Introduction to Mai Tie's workshop (Groups of 3-5) (length 1:00)

    I will cover the benefits of Mai Tie's, Safety, Positioning, sizing and a detailed demo of how to tie a Mai Tie wrap

    Introduction to Woven Wraps (Groups of 3-5) (length 1:30)

    I will cover the Benefits of Woven wraps, Safety, Positioning, Sizing and a detailed demo of how to wrap

    Introduction to Ring Slings (Groups of 3-5) (length 1:30)

    I will cover the benefits of ring slings, safety, positioning, styles available and a detailed demo of how to use a ring sling

    Introduction to Back Carries (Groups of 3-5) (length 1:30-2:00)

    I will cover the Benefits of carrying, safety, positioning, Different techniques to maneuver your baby onto your back safely and demo with different carriers or have a more in-depth detailed demo of one.

    Maternity and early years professionals - Key knowledge (Groups 5+) (length 3:00-4:00)

    A close look at Safety and positioning, how to identify a carry that is unsafe.


    What we cover is up to you (1-3 People) (length 1:30, price £40) (length 2:30, Price £65)

    • Mai Tie's

    • Stretchy Wraps

    • Woven Wraps

    • Structured carriers

    • Back Carries

    • Front carries

    • Hip carries

    • Basic wrapping

    • Wrapping techniques

    • Problem solving

    • What should you choose

    • Buying

    • Fitting service


    Follow up support/ Mini consultations 30min-60min ( average price £10)

    Using the JPMBB styles of teaching we look more into the physiology of the baby and mother. (length 2:30)



    The Basic Knot (3-5 people)

    One way to tie and 6 positions! keeping it simple and clever all in one.



    Back carrying (3-5 people)

    Using the JPMBB products and positioning we look into back carrying options.



    Kangaroo Care (3-5 people)

    kangaroo care is used in most SCBU and NICU units but can equally benefit any family.



    Family consultations (1-3 people)

    Focused attention lead completely by you and your family. In the comfort of your own home and as your own speed.

    £65 (extended sessions can also be booked and pricing agreed)






  • We love working with people


    Jodie is such a passionate lady and it really comes through in the way she teaches. Fantastic course today where I learnt so much in such a short space of time, she is incredibly knowledgeable, highly recommend her courses. Jenny (and Matilda)


    The lovely Jodie will have you buzzing about baby wearing after your visit! Her passion and enthusiasm are her biggest strengths, and her knowledge and know-how make her an essential part of your baby wearing journey


    Jodie has such a bubbly and enthusiastic personality that shines through in everything she does! Her passion for baby carrying is contagious and I would definitely recommend a consultation with her to anyone wishing to find out more about slings and baby-carriers. There's a before and an after meeting her! Thank you!


    Jodie has been advising me on wearing my 9 week old son I had carried my older boy but wanted to build on my knowledge and move on to woven wraps from the caboo I am using.

    Jodie was lovely extremely approachable and welcoming she went over all the safety aspects of wearing and the options that would be best for us. She really put me at ease and helped me be confident that I am carrying him correctly I will be going back to get more advice as he grows. I would definitely recommend friends to contact her


    Jodie immediately put me at ease, I was drawn to a ring sling in particular; Jodie made sure to show me different slings suitable for my needs and then come back to the ring sling which affirmed to me I had made the right choice.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation. It felt tailored to me and Jodie was great at listening to what I wanted. I now have the ability and confidence to sling outside of home


    I had decided what sling I would like to try and felt confident using it, including putting my own baby in it. Jodie didn't put any pressure on me to buy the sling I wanted directly from her even though she sold them and had them available to buy that day. As it is, i've since contacted her about buying my sling through her.

    Jodie was also great at organising the session around my babies needs, e.g. when he needed feeding she demonstrated other wraps to me and when my son slept she organised the hands on aspect of trying on the slings.


    Jodie started off with some things I already knew then continued to fill me in with more information and answered any questions i may of had, I didn't feel there was anything that I wish I had asked or could of been answered better!
    Having already given her information over my situation and needs before meeting with Jodie, she came well prepared but also with additional options to show me a variety of slings and carriers available.
    Jodie spoke to me about safety and explained all the different aspects and what not to do whilst using the different types of carriers, also talking me through my child's posture and what is most comfortable for both me and my child. I found her to be very knowledgeable in these areas.

    I would highly recommend Jodie and her services to anyone, I was left feeling very confident and happy with my decisions. Also knowing that if I was to be unsure or have any more questions she was there to help! I'm currently looking forward to the next sling meet to learn some more and try something different!!


    Jodie is a fabulous baby wearing consultant who is passionate about her art, knowledgeable about all aspects of slings, kind, patient, fun and able to entertain curious toddlers, calm teething babies and educate parents: all done with a smile.
    Jodie helped me with how to back-wrap my ten month old son and was able to impart wisdom and technique, showing me various ways and helping me to focus on practising one particularly useful wrap.
    Babywearing can be overwhelming and frustrating for beginners like me, but after 90 minutes (+ extra time because I had so many questions!) Jodie helped me to feel confident and excited to persevere with back-carrying.
    After the consultation, Jodie followed up our meeting with an informative email, summarising the main points, consolidating my learning and giving details of further resources to help to strengthen my practice.
    I also genuinely enjoyed Jodie's visit and hope to see her again for more babywearing expertise.


    Jodie is very knowledgeable and delivered a very informative and friendly sling session. She was more than happy to help both at the session and beyond. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  • Hello from Jodie and the team



    Accredited Sling Consultant

    My name is Jodie, I am mum to Jenni. I have carried Jenni since she was a month old, the experience was very special for us both. Being a single parent and dealing with the emotions of being a new mum carrying has been my saving grace. Carrying Jenni has helped us build an amazing strong and trusting relationship. It has also enabled me to carry out tasks that otherwise would have been impossible, simple things like going for a walk in the woods or doing the washing up suddenly became achievable.


    I am a fully trained sling consultant, completing my training with Slingababy and JPMBB as well as NCT's carrying course, my aim is to help future parents enjoy their own baby wearing experiences. Empowering people to carry is so important to me, My friend introduced me to carrying and I am so grateful for that. now it is my turn to introduce others to it too.


    Trainee Sling Consultant

    My Name is Jenni, I am Learning how to wrap like my Mummy and I like to carry my toys. (Mummy has to help me) Jenni Bean Consultancies is named after me as my nickname is Beani.


    I Love carrying it gives me long cuddles with my family and this brings me comfort and lets me know they are always there for me. I enjoy putting my head on their chest and listening to their heart, it reminds me of when I was in her tummy and helps to sooth me. When I was little when I had wind it was uncomfortable to lie flat, being in a carrier helped to ease my tummy and makes me feel better.




    Sling Consultant

    My Name is Gary, Stepdad to Jenni and Dad to Albert. I have enjoyed carrying Jenni as it has given us both valuable time to bond and share experiences. Carrying my son from birth has been a magical experience and has helped me to support my family. I have learnt to use a woven wrap as well as the other carriers in the library and have really enjoyed the learning journey with my growing family.


    I am trained as a peer supporter with Slingababy first and then continued my development and trained as a sling consultant.


    I help to keep everything you see up to date and working. If you spot anything I may have missed please let me know. I also have my own Blog posts about my transition to being a parent.


    I am working towards setting up a new meet at weekends to help all families access support.




    Sling Consultant

    My name is Katy, I am mum to Eloise, Russel and Lauwance. I did carry Eloise but with a carrier that was not suitable or comfortable for us and I didn't know there was more help available. I have now discovered the freedom and comfort that carrying correctly can offer families. Russel is a very cuddly little boy who wants to have extended cuddles and without a carrier getting anything done is a challenge. We have now welcomed a new addition to our family and carrying continues to support our entire family. My enthusiasm grows every day, I want to help more families discover the freedom and benefits of carrying.


    I am trained with Slingababy as a consultant and am working to complete this training by receiving feedback from families i support.



    Sling Consultant

    I am mum to Ethan and also work as a nanny, SLings help me every day to managed more than one child's needs.


    I trained with Slingababy at the end of June 2018 to support the library and users further after becoming involved in the volunteers team. I am also a cloth nappy advocate and use them with my own son.



    I am Mum of two and have been involved with the library for many years. Carrying supports me to get about as i do not have access to a car all the time.


    I ensure any money raised is spent in the best possible way to benefit as many people as possible.



    Trainee peer supporter

    I am mum of one and pet mum to many, managing my roll with the blue cross as well as working full time and being a mum makes carrying an essential part of life!


    I am working towards my peer supporter training via an online course. I will be supporting Katy and the Thame meets


    Sling consultant and Breastfeeding peer supporter

    I am mum of three beautiful and crazy boys. keeping up with them and meeting each of their individual needs can be a balancing act. carrying helps us to all enjoy magical moments.


    I have trained with Slingababy on their consultant course so that i can start a new library meet in Prestwood.


    I join meets to help families to get the advice and support they need. I also help to organise, set up and dismantle events. I will also soon be offering peer support for families who are looking to or already breastfeeding.


    Sling consultant, Menstrual health educator and Business manager

    I am mummy to many pets and look forward to one day starting a family of my own one day in the future. I am also one of the founders of Eco Dreams based in Downley.


    I join meets to support families with Menstrual health education and support, ask me anything at all! you can't make me blush. Behind the Scenes i support the day to day running of JBC and ensuring its growth going forward.


    I have trained with Slingababy to support the library further and i am working to take over the Downley library monthly.

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