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Wrap Me In Parenthood

A blog from Gary

Coming into anyone’s life is hard, do you have the same belief systems? Do you like the same food? Do you problem solve in the same way? So many variations that could lead to a failure of a relationship! Dating is hard there is no doubt about it. I think as you get older it gets harder to meet a life partner as you develop your own way of living so meeting someone and joining their way of life can be a challenge. If that’s not hard enough how do you come into the life of a 14 month old little girl!

34 years old and I found myself looking at on line dating sites, again and ready to try a new one. As a young twenty year old I thought I would be the first of my friends to settle down and have children, now with my friends all married before me, I started to see that dream slipping. I had met a few people on line and made some friends for life but not met the “one” that everyone seems to talk about. If you have never used these sites, there are a few variations of how you connect with people but on this one I simply messaged a girl who’s profile I saw. She seemed to like the same things I did so I messaged her and she messaged back! We chatted for months getting to know one another and I learned she was a single mum to a little girl. I don’t have any children of my own, I love being involved with my two nephews but I was very aware that there is a big difference between the two.

First date nerves are the pits, driving to meet someone who is ultimately going to judge your every action and every move. I pulled up on a sunny afternoon and there she was beaming away at me with a pink summer dress on. Even though we had never met she was so welcoming of me and wanted to show me her stuffed dragon and unicorn. That first meeting with my now step daughter, was just as important as the first words I shared with her mother. As our first meeting went on I felt an instant connection and realised that we would just always get on and since then we really have connected on so many levels. Our first real connection was via her sitting upon my shoulders and enjoying seeing the world from a different perspective with a new person in her life, I felt so many amazing feelings, as I had become part of her family and an integral part of her life.

Since then I have learnt to use carriers and wraps and have built an even tighter bond with her, through our many family trips out. When she has become tired after lots of walking and exploring the world, I have wrapped her and instantly she has snuggled into me and within minutes she has fallen fast asleep. I have found by carrying her, we have deepened our relationship and since moving into the family home with her mother, we now share many mornings and night times together doing puzzles, reading stories and have a deep understanding of one another and believe she sees me as a member of her immediate family and a primary care giver along with the most amazing care giver I have ever met, ‘HER MOTHER’ Jodie.

With our family bond growing stronger by the week and with me asking her mother to marry me, I am hoping that Jenni will see me as her step dad and will look to me to provide her with the skills and love that is vital to her development and for her to become the most amazing, talented, independent little star with her incredible thirst for acting, dancing and general all-round awesomeness. I look forward to our wedding where, Jodie will become my WIFE and Jenni will be our beautiful Flower girl and also more importantly will become my step daughter.

The story continues and I will be back to write more in the future…………………

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